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BH-104 - Michael Idehall / Edgar Kerval split C61

From two of the undergrounds darkest minds, by way of Gothenburg, Sweden, and Cali, Columbia, comes a long form split of deep, heavy, ritualistic dark ambient music. Idehall starts off with Litany Against Feat, a substantial 30 minute track, that is heavy on the electronics and hushed, distant, ritualized vocals. Warm, brooding synthesized feedback and subtle rhythmic flourishes make this almost some of the darkest kraut sounds imaginable, by way of 2016 Sweden. Kerval on the other hand presents Transjuggotian Transmission, nearly 20 minutes of churning, warbling low end with a glistening ringing hi end to fill it out, each moving around the other, with what sounds like samples from some satanic ritual beamed across a low quality radio signal occasionally mixed in. A truly evil and tripped out sound. Four panel j-card on black linen stock with silver offset printing that has a die-cut front panel that peaks through to a 2-sided, four panel insert in full color featuring the wild, bloody, dark erotic photography of Gretchen Heinel. Edition of 100 on red tapes with silver labels.