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BH-106 - Readymade Mondo Anthem! compilation C80

An aborted attempt rescued from the brink of oblivion, this compilation was set to come out on the Readymades Tapes label, however, that operation ceased, leaving this without a home. It was graciously offered to Black Horizons, and here it materializes. A long form compilation featuring irr. app. (ext.), Vertonen, At Jennie Richie, Six Heads, Crank Sturgeon, and Balkh, with each of the six artists doing two 6-8 minute tracks, one per side. Heady, woozy, surrealist collage is the dominant trend here. Perfectly complimented with art from Matt Waldron of irr. app. (ext.). All silver offset printing on black linen stock. Unique 4+ panel j-card and 6 page booklet, with a page from each artist. Edition of 100 copies on orange tapes with silver labels.