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BH-107 - Auditor - Vernepator Cur C32

From Brandon Elkins, the brain behind Auditor, on the album title,

"A "vernepator cur" or "turnspit dog" was a specially-bred and now extinct breed of dog that was bred back in medieval times so that it was scruffy, ugly, with a cropped tail and short legs.  It's one purpose in life was to run in place on a treadmill and turn the cooking spit in a kitchen. I read about this poor, ugly beast, bred into servitude and doomed by its own design and couldn't help but feel a kinship in trudging to work every day and being too much of a coward to end it. Thus the album title and design reflect that."

True to his intentions, the style on the four tracks presented is a wall of gritty textures and harsh noise abandon, with moments that reference doom heaviness, and the desolate minimalism of post-punk to be found in the buried monotone vocals. A lush and cohesive set of songs that breathes new life into stale power electronic forms. Four panel j-card on black metallic paper with black and silver offset printing. Edition of 100 copies on silver tapes with silver labels. Split label release with Sol Y Nieve.