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BH-114 - Jute Gyte / Spectral Lore "Helian" split C40

Jute Gyte, the project of Adam Kalmbach who has recently relocated to the PNW, returns with new deranged microtonal black metal ferocity as only he can, this time in C40 split form once again, with Greece's Spectral Lore. The long running solo project of Ayloss, who conjures a hellish din of guttural, ambient black metal, that, like the artist he shares this split with, leans towards a long-winded, winding and progressive sound. Both artists use Georg Trakl's poem, "Helian", as lyrical fodder. An epic, expressive meditation on passage and death. Four panel j-cards with silver and red offset on black linen paper. Edition of 100 copies on black tapes with silver labels.