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BH-115 - Baldruin - Biotische Verwitterung LP

A disquieting record to accompany the nightmare of now. Baldruin documents this darkness, finding some hope in the helplessness. Buried within these grooves, lies a dizzying array of crepuscular sonics. Barely alive, it drips with dread. Rachitic loops return to us, like traumas. A sticky submission. My goodness, these earworms are infectious. Limited and hand numbered edition of 200 copies. Pressed on 180g vinyl and packed in a thick, 300g uncoated sleeve featuring a front and back artwork by Baldruin. 3 mm spine and black carton inner sleeves. Includes card with download-code of the digital files. Co-released by Black Horizons, Aetheric Records and Cloister Recordings.