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BH-137 - Music En Berlin - The Lost Dreams of Em C50

Music En Berlin is Nathan Berlinguette, and in his own word regarding this release,

"The release is dedicated and recorded by Noah Brodsky who passed away a few months back. The album Features Ryan Unks (which I played with in Creation Is Crucifixion and Human Quena Orchestra), Machinefabriek, and Travis Ryan (of Cattle Decapitation who I used to play with in 5/5/2000 starting in 1995). I've been making ambient music, drone, and psychedelic noise since the mid-90s, but I don't release music very often. This music is a follow-up to a cd I released on Chrome Peeler called "The Dreams of M.Kourie." I run a small record label (Daft Alliance) and I'm an artist and designer by trade."

Soundwise, this is heavy ambient drone music that would appeal much to fans of Nadja, Earth, etc. Two color offset printing, black and purple on gray linen paper. Four panel j-card. Maroon tapes and cases, and silver labels. Edition of 100.