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BH-35 Tecumseh – Sea(s) 12" EP

Tecumseh presents here their second vinyl release for Black Horizons, two concise and highly listenable tracks clocking in at 11:00 and 10:00 minutes for the A and B sides, respectively. The first track starts with singular sub bass, plodding forward in the trademark meditative manner the band has gained a reputation for, fading into the dual guitar attack with a riff that sounds locked into place like a freight train and electronics that are as always subtle and tasteful. On the other side the band moves into some weirder territory, with faint mumbled, almost mechanical and somehow processed vocals, this time giving way to pure minimal drone, accentuated by more window shaking low end. Then suddenly, the riff kicks in, and it is possibly the thickest, most expansive example they have put forth yet, drowning out any sound within it's vicinity, a black hole for anything positive. The rift fades out, and we are left with acid rain electronics, making muddy the charred Earth that remains. Limited to 333 copies in 3-color screen printed sleeves courtesy of Seizure Palace.