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BH-36.66 apt j(ext)ie irrchie - Night Wearing Feathers / Sunshine Bus Rider LP / 2 x C33 / 2 x artprint boxset artist edition

An absolutely massive collection of surrealist sound art from this ongoing collaboration between At Jennie Richie and irr. app. (ext.). An essential document for devoted fans of either project, as well as a definitive statement in Black Horizons' handmade luxury. All print work in the box is on black metallic card stock with gold offset ink. Both prints are 12" x 12", one signed by Mr. Waldron, and one by Happiness and Forever, each numbered out of 66. Both tapes are in the double slip style, one tape is BH-63, released separate, and one is labeled as BH-36.66 and is exclusive to this box. LP (same as BH-36) is packaged in a handmade euro-style top loading sleeve, in black metallic card stock with gold offset printing. Black with gold labels and black vinyl. A small slip card of the image from the exterior of the box is included. Tapes are held in place with hand cut soft black foam. The box itself is matte black on the interior, high gloss black on the exterior, and has a gold vinyl sticker applied to the front. Edition of 66.