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BH-46 - Persistence In Mourning - Absent God / Sleeping Giant C10

Two quick tracks make up this tape, intended as a single. Andy Lippoldt's Persistence In Mourning has grown sound-wise over the years from orthodox funeral doom to take on more diverse and experimental elements including electronics, heavy sampling, and a penchant for odd covers (see BH-34), aligning his project with acts like Thrones more so than much of the other doom crowd. Those elements find their realization here in rigid electronic percussion, fear-ridden sound clips, and synthesized sub-bass fluctuations. Comes packaged in a double OBI with a two panel insert as is becoming the new Black Horizons style. Printed offset with silver ink on moss metallic card stock. Also includes a silver ink on black fabric patch. Silver labels. Edition of 100 copies on black hi-bias chrome tapes.