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BH-51 / MT07 - Trepaneringsritualen - Deathward, To The Womb C26

A re-release as a C26 tape split with Merz Tapes, of a 10" from Release The Bats;

""Babalon, Consort of Chaos, Sacred Whore and Mother of the Virgin of Eternity. Since the dawn of time She has been with Man and in March of 1949 she was revealed in the flesh.

»Deathward, To The Womb« is largely inspired by the Babalon working conducted by Jack Parsons between January and March of 1949. It is dedicated to his memory and to the Virgin Daughter."

»She is flame of life, power of darkness, she destroys with a glance, she may take thy soul. She feeds upon the death of men«

Mastered by Viktor Ottosson."

Rhythmic, cold, death industrial music. Expanded artwork and text from the 10" in the form of a j-card turned booklet. Printed in silver ink on black plastic paper. Xeroxed silver labels. Edition of 200 copies on black hi-bias chrome tapes.