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BH-66 Provocative Rituals II art zine

The second issue of the Black Horizons in house publication for violent bits of transgressive erotica and other associated label detritus. This time with art contributions from Maxime Taccardi, Edgar Kerval, Rudolf Eb. er, Joel Danielsson, Matt Waldron, Genevieve Ryoko Larson, Jackson Holbrook, and Sherri Higgins, a dialogue w/ the Amarantos zine, a short story from Marcus Labonte, live photos of Sutekh Hexen and Trepaneringsritualen, and plenty of BH design. A super lavish presentation, all pages printed on golden metallic paper, two end sheets and a cover in various metallic ink and paper color combinations culled from other BH print jobs, all digital printed 60 pages, with 12 in color. Comes in a silver metallic envelope that has been stenciled with silver and gold spray paint and finished with a poly sleeve to size. Edition of 100 copies.