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BH-69 - Vulgar Fashion - Vulgar Materialism C30

A long in the works collection of new material, live tracks, and other odds and ends from this Denton, Texas two-piece. Only with one prior proper release under their belts, this sees the project move in a much more raw and noisy direction to compliment their layered darkwave / goth sound. Opening (and also closing for a nice bookended effect) with a new track titled "Suicide Week", a preview of their newest session, then a clip from an infamous live set, where the bands syrupy synth fueled improv was too much for some real straights at a fancy bar, and closing with a complete and rather vibrant set from their show in New York, with plenty of favorites including Golden Showers and Krystal Tearz. Two-panel J-card with silver ink offset printing on black linen card stock, with a double sided full color pro-printed four-panel insert, with one panel stenciled with silver spray paint. Edition of 200 copies on bright red/pink tapes with xeroxed silver labels.