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BH-77 - Frozen In Time II: Music to Accompany the Films of Ingmar Bergman 3xC40 compilation

A second edition of the compilation to enjoy in time with the given films of Ingmar Bergman. The artists involved include; Micromelancolié with Sindre Bjerga, German Army, L'Acephale, Head Dress, Spettro Family, and Night Worship doing soundtracks / dedications to Passion of Anna, Hour of the Wolf, Seventh Seal, Cries and Whispers, and Hour of the Wolf and Cries and Whispers over again, respectively. Each artist with a 20 minute contribution. As with the first, all submissions are bleak and dark affairs, yet with stylistic variations typical of the Black Horizons line-up. Packaged in an all clear 3-up norelco case, the large 4-panel j-card is with silver offset printing on black linen paper. Black tapes and silver labels. Edition of 200 copies.