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BH-78 Jute Gyte / Venowl split C55

A divergent, brutal pairing makes for a lengthy cassette release from Jute Gyte and Venowl. Despite their differences as projects, I feel they will appeal to the same urges in the listener for an implacable, dark and free-form sound. Jute Gyte here is in full on blazing micro tonal black metal mode, playing a ferocious style that is often times atonal and unrelenting, but can recede into beautiful layered, brittle ambient interludes. Truly avant garde black metal that doesn't use experimentation as an excuse to pander to a broader indie crowd, but instead to up the aesthetic ante for the genre's sonic capabilities. Venowl contributes one lengthy track with an appearance by Troy Schafer of Kinit Her playing some swaying, sickening violin that adds depth to the usual primal dirge and vulture shriek. Five panel j-card is a design collaboration with Thorsten Marc Soltau and is printed in gold and silver ink on black linen card stock. Gold and silver labels. Edition of 100 copies on black tapes.