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BH-87 - Brown Snake Kills Dog - Sorry, I Failed To... C56

A fascinatingly unique new project from the Persistence In Mourning camp, featuring Andy Lippoldt joined by Justin Summers, of Australia. That being said this is a long distance collaboration that also goes places that PIM doesn't. The heavy, raw, noisy bedroom-level production remains, but the influences are broader and more forthright. Take blues, dark folk, even country, and siphon it through a gritty industrial filter and you might start to begin to describe their sound. Four panel j-card on black linen stock with silver offset printing that has a die-cut front panel that peaks through to a 2-sided, four panel insert in full color featuring the foreboding, dark landscape selection of photography from Gretchen Heinel. Edition of 100 on purple tapes with silver labels.